“We have had the pleasure to work with Mary for nearly eight years now. Mary has demonstrated not only a high level of professionalism with her timely deliveries and quality translations, but has also proven that good translation is an art, a skill, that not only requires dedication and experience, but it can highly benefit from an innate gift and love for the craft. Mary has shown that speedy deliveries do not have to impact the quality of her work. She has translated for us numerous translations (probably thousands of pages, we lost count) with tight deadlines, yet still managed to deliver spotless quality that impressed our entire team, especially our Quality Management team. That very dedication to her craft has made Mary our first choice for all of our legal translation needs.”

Thomas Darby*, Director, Unnamed Translation Company
Hermosa Beach, California, United States

* Name has been changed and translation company name withheld at submitter’s request for privacy reasons.

“We recently worked with Mary on a large translation project, and we were delighted with the results. We appreciated Mary’s careful terminology research and the high quality of her English prose. The translation flowed as if the text had been originally written in English, while at the same time capturing the style and voice of the original Spanish text. This was particularly impressive given certain difficulties presented by the source document. Her translation was also impeccable in terms of grammar and sentence structure, saving us considerable time in terms of post-editing. We definitely intend to work with Mary again in the future.”

Nancy Strauss, William Victor Translations
Madrid, Spain


“Mary, I am amazed by the perfection of your work. You are incredible. … I am the number one fan of your work, and I tell everybody I know that if they need translations they should contact you. I can tell you that I do not think many people would do what you did with regard to taking my translation files to Lindbergh Station, making everything certified, etc.”

Inés Colmegna, MD
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

“I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere enthusiasm for Mary Maloof. Mary has been working with us as a Spanish-to-English translator for seven years now, so during this time I have had ample opportunity to evaluate her work.

“In my position as the Senior Director of Project Management for ALTA Language Services I work with a large number of translators in many different languages. I can confidently say that Mary is one of the finest translators with whom I have ever had the opportunity to work. She approaches every project with an enthusiastic and insightful attitude. She welcomes challenges and is always willing to go the extra mile to please a client. In the time that we’ve worked together, Mary has never missed a deadline. Understandably, these qualities have made her a very valuable asset to us.

“Mary’s commitment and dedication to quality is second-to-none and she has an obvious understanding of what makes a good translator and a good translation. Her work conveys an eloquence, style and respect for the source text that few other translators could ever hope to achieve. Simply put, she’s a natural.

“If you have the pleasure of working with Mary, it won’t be long before you come to the same conclusions about her that I have. I hope that this letter succeeded in accurately conveying my respect and admiration for Mary Maloof.”

Douglas Horwich, Sr. Director – Project Management, ALTA Language Services, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

“Mary Maloof is one of the most competent translators I know. I needed a document translated in a hurry … she called me back within ten minutes with an estimate of how much it would be. The price she quoted me was a lot cheaper than what three companies had quoted me. She was very accommodating and resourceful. She issued prompt service and had my translation done in about thirty minutes – and I did it all from work. Nothing had to be mailed (except her check ;-) ). [I'm] a very satisfied customer!”

Barbara Higgins de Ferrer
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

“Thank you, Mary, for your time. May I add that it is refreshing to know that your business philosophy is to refer me to someone else once you realize you can’t help me with what I am looking for.”

Marni White, A. Miller Consulting Services, Inc.
Dallas, Texas, United States

“Mary delivered what was most important to me: amazingly fast turnaround (less than 24 hours), excellent accuracy and formatting (conforming to original document format), and an unbeatable price. Some translation companies I checked before deciding on Mary quoted me three times her price. I highly recommend her services.”

João P. Martins Roxo
Caracas, Venezuela

“I’ve never hesitated to recommend Mary Maloof’s services to people and companies looking for quality translation work. She is not only a certified translator, but also an editor and a consummate professional.”

Lya Sorano, CEO, The Oliver/Sorano Group, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

“Mary has always been eager to accept our translation projects. The document subjects have ranged from legal to business, certificates, transcripts, financial statements, and more. She has always delivered the projects on time. And the formatting of the documents, the look, is totally in line with the original documents – a project manager’s dream!”

Nancy Grove Alvarez, Project Manager, ALTA Language Services, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

“Mary Maloof of Maloof Language Services, Inc., provides accurate, prompt, and reliable translation services. I am glad that I was able to locate and to work with a service such as this. She brings integrity to everything that she does.”

Wendy Jerkins, Attorney at Law (immigration and civil/domestic matters)
Atlanta, Georgia, United States